Wednesday, October 31, 2012



Hello there and welcome to my blog! My name is Sarah, and I live in Seattle, Washington. I'm so glad to have you here.

This blog is dedicated to promoting mental and physical well-being through natural remedies and methods. I do use and believe strongly in the power of modern medicine, but I also believe that there is merit in first utilizing more natural remedies.

My personal experiences have largely shaped my conception of how to obtain mental and physical well-being in a positive way. I care about my body, and I want to treat it right.

So what's my story? I haven't always looked to natural remedies for help. I started getting migraines and taking aspirin like candy when I was fourteen. Nothing would make the pain go away, and I often struggled through long days at school wondering why medicine wasn't working for me. That was before I found out they were migraines, and before I knew aspirin could be so harmful when taken with such frequency. I thought real damage would only occur if I took a huge amount all at once; but I know better now. The effect can be cumulative as well.

By my senior year in high school, my body was sending me signs that I finally had to heed. I was destroying my stomach with so much aspirin--usually three or four at a time--and I couldn't eat without feeling pain and nausea. When I realized the harm was my own doing, I decided to take a step back and re-evaluate my method of dealing with pain. I went to the doctor, finally. I found out my headaches were actually migraines, and I discovered that there were ways for me to prevent and stop my migraines without using aspirin--foods to eat and avoid, physical therapy strategies, and many other things I'd never even considered might play a role in my problem.

I still use medicine when I need it, but prescription medication is expensive for those of us without insurance. And I realize now that there is a lot I can do to prevent my body from developing problems like that--meaning I can go easier on my body and save myself pain and money. I don't like relying purely on manmade medicine because it can sometimes be harsh. I want my body to be strong enough to take care of itself. And I like to treat my body nicely because it's my home.

I want to help others lead happy, healthy lives as well. When I went in search of more natural ways to promote my mental and physical well-being, I was inspired by the mountain of information I was presented with. But I was also completely overwhelmed. I don't want it to be that way for others.

My goal is to make helpful information and resources on mental and physical well-being readily available so that maybe people won't have to struggle like I did for so long. We are all unique individuals with different sets of needs. My catalyst was migraines, but that's not true for everyone. I want to share all sorts of information here: food, recipes, natural preventatives, therapies, exercise--you name it. Let's reconnect with nature a little bit, get in touch with our own bodies, and connect with each other. My hope is that by providing diverse and relevant information, we can start conversations between readers and share our stories, experiences and advice on how to promote mental and physical well-being.

As time goes on, I hope to grow the site to include more sections, resources, and guest posts. I'd love it if you would join me in creating this community. We all have things to learn from each other, and I have no doubt that this will be one of the bigger learning experiences of my life. I hope it will be for you, too!

Until we meet again,