Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vegan BBQ Recipes for Summer’s End

Looking for something new and fun (and tasty) to try before summer’s end? Why not mix things up and try out some yum-yum vegan barbecue recipes? Whether you’re vegan or not, these 7 recipes will have your mouth watering in no time at all.
Who says BBQs have to include meat?
Image: Shutterstock
  1. BBQ Soy Taco Bowls with Pickled Onions—Soy curls replace beef in these tacos, and you’ll never miss the meat for a second. The addition of the pickled onions adds a tiny bit of prep and a wonderful amount of flavor.
  2. Cheesy Mac n’ “Rib” Pizza—This crazy concoction uses seitan in place of ribs and is super easy to make. You can choose to buy the BBQ sauce and mac n’ cheese pre-made, or you can get crafty and mix up your own.
  3. Pineapple Jack BBQ Sauce—Use this sweet n’ tangy BBQ recipe and choose your preferred meat substitution. Tempeh, seitan, tofu, and Portobello mushrooms all work.
  4. Vegan Sloppy Joes—Crumbled tempeh, tomato sauce, spices and veggies—what more could one want? Sloppy joes are a summertime barbecue must, and there’s no reason that vegans and vegetarians should miss out. This is a recipe sure to please even the meat eaters.
  5. Spicy Sweet Potato Salad—We’ve all had potato salad. But have you had sweet potato salad? This recipe results in a spicy, sweet, delicious, and irresistible side dish that you won’t be able to get enough of.
  6. Moroccan Potato Salad with Corn and Kale—Not a big fan of sweet potatoes but want to try a different take on potato salad? Try a Moroccan potato salad, which combines corn, celery, onion, harissa paste, and kale for a spicy and unique salad.
  7. Maple Sweet Potato Pecan Burger—This is the recipe I’m most excited about. As you know, I LOVE sweet potatoes. This burger uses sweet potatoes mixed with maple syrup, cayenne pepper, quinoa, pecans, and kale to form the patty. Topped with sautéed onion, it looks like the best vegan burger ever.  

Hungry yet? Find the recipes for those and many more vegan recipes at One Green Planet. I found the recipes originally on this Yahoo! Shine article. Try these recipes out and let me know how it goes!