Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chew On This: Post-Workout Eats

Not only is chocolate milk delicious,
it's also a great post-workout snack!
Image: Shutterstock
We’ve all been there: You’ve just completed an awesome (or grueling) workout. You may be feeling great, but chances are that you’re also feeling completely drained. There’s a reason for that—when we exercise, we exert insane amounts of energy, AKA calories. Workouts drain our bodies of energy, and it’s essential that you help your body recover afterwards. That means eating (or drinking) something that will give you back some of those calories and protein.

But you probably shouldn’t just go eat a doughnut, though it might be tempting. For those of us who have made that mistake, eating heavy or carb-heavy foods post workout can leave you feeling, well, not so great. To feel re-fueled, aim for up to 45 g of carbs and between 6-15 g of protein to help your body build up muscle.

So what foods would those be? Here are some suggestions for ideal noms after you’ve completed your workout:

  1. Dates with peanut butter
  2. Mix it up with some pistachios and raisins.
    Image: Shutterstock
  3. Deviled eggs with hummus & yolk filling and chives on top
  4. Pistachios and raisins
  5. Protein powder juice
  6. Chocolate or Soy milk
  7. Banana with nut butter
  8. Chickpeas with lemon juice
  9. Green smoothie
  10. Pear and peanut/sunflower butter
  11. Apple and string cheese
  12. Avocado and lemon
  13.  Sweet potato with black beans, greek yogurt, or salsa

My personal favorite after a workout is chocolate milk or a Naked juice (they sell mini-bottles of them at Costco now!). Both of these are easy on my stomach after a tough workout, and within just a few minutes of drinking them I can feel my body recovering. Instead of feeling drained and exhausted the rest of the day, instead I feel energized and strong.

What are your favorite post-workout eats? I’d love to hear some more suggestions!