Friday, March 20, 2015

Innovations in Healthcare Technology

CitiusTech is making healthcare more reliable and efficient than ever before with the help of investors like General Atlantic
Companies like CitiusTech are revolutionizing the healthcare industry.
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Technology is becoming a fact of life, especially in healthcare.  You may have been to a doctor’s office where your intake information is put directly into a database shared with all the medical staff.  Maybe you’ve even sat and watched your doctor email the pharmacy so that your prescription is ready within minutes of leaving the office. 

The whole process of going to the doctor looks completely different than it did even five or ten years ago. I love how simple and efficient so many things are becoming, especially as my life has become more hectic.

There’s a whole business brewing around providing the best, most efficient healthcare technology.  Whether it’s streamlining the data filing process or helping doctors evaluate treatment plans, technology is changing how medicine is practiced.

One key technological element is the idea of computers that “evolve,” or learn.  Scientists use the term “machine learning” to describe a computer that can collect data, determine trends and ideal outcomes, and rework its programming to optimize for the best results. 

Think about how amazing it would be if a doctor could use this sort of technology to make sure the right patient is getting the right treatment every time!  It would also help pharmaceutical companies do their testing  much more efficiently and with fewer errors.

One company that’s leading the way with technological advances like this is CitiusTech.  CitiusTech builds new applications, software, and methods for keeping healthcare analytics tidy.  Its board of directors includes Gary Reiner and Cory Eaves of General Atlantic, which recently began investing in the company. Together with its investors, CitiusTech is focused on bringing the best new technology to the market. 

Like many industries, healthcare isn’t always well organized, so companies like CitiusTech have been working to not only bring out new technology, but also to help organize the massive amounts of information already there.  The company is currently partnered with 50 healthcare organizations, including hospitals and life science companies.

With computers that can learn and companies stepping up to improve healthcare organization and technology, who knows what the future of healthcare will look like?

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