Friday, November 11, 2016

Before You Panic About ObamaCare Being Repealed, Read This

A close-up photo of the Affordable Care Act document.
Photo credit: Shutterstock
 First of all, everyone needs to know that it will take a very long time before ObamaCare is repealed. I know that Trump laid it out as one of his top priorities in his 100-day plan, but due to his lack of experience, he doesn’t understand just how long it takes for this type of legislation to go through.

Linda Blumberg, a health care policy analyst, says that if ObamaCare were to be repealed, the government would have to give Americans ample time to switch over to a new plan.

"If you with a stroke of a pen took the Affordable Care Act away and there was no transition period, there would essentially be havoc in the markets," Blumberg stated.

Several other health care policy experts echo Blumberg’s sentiments. Timothy Jost, a health care law pundit at the Washington and Lee University School of Law, believes that the consequences would be fatal.

"You would just have an awful lot of people be uninsured, and then that ripples back through the health care system. Basically, you would have a lot of people die because they couldn't get health care,” Jost stated.

Worst-case scenario, the earliest ObamaCare would be repealed is January 2018. But before you panic, just know that there are several roadblocks in the way.

First of all, 60 U.S. senators would have to vote for a full repeal before it could ever be enacted. According to Forbes, this would be next to impossible since there aren’t 60 Senators who would support such a repeal. In 2017, Republicans will either have 51 or 52 seats, depending on the outcome of a Louisiana runoff. That’s not enough to garner enough votes.

So although the thought of ObamaCare being repealed is scary, please don’t panic. Republicans are going to have to jump through a lot of hoops before any major change to the health care system can be made.