Friday, January 27, 2017

My Review of the ‘Sworkit’ Personalized Workout App

A photo of a woman looking at her phone as she works out.
Photo credit: Shutterstock
I recently came across the Sworkit app while watching an episode of Shark Tank. I have to say: so far, I’m really impressed with it!

What’s neat is that with Sworkit, there are literally no more excuses for not working out. Can’t afford a gym membership? That’s fine. Sworkit is free. Don’t have any exercise equipment? No worries. Sworkit exercises don’t require equipment. Don’t have time to exercise? Surely you can spare at least five minutes out of your day. That’s right, Sworkit has myriad of personalized exercises that range anywhere from 5-60+ minutes.

The convenience is what originally drew me to the app. I travel quite often, which means I don’t always have access to a gym. The app is almost like having a personal trainer with you wherever you go.

And that’s exactly why it’s called Sworkit. The app name is derived from the phrase “simply work it,” since it’s so easy to use.

There are currently over 170 different exercises in the app’s database. These exercises were designed by a multitude of fitness experts, including: doctors, physical therapists, personal trainers, and physical education instructors.

Users can design their own workout based on five fitness categories: strength, stretching, cardio, yoga, or Pilates. The app also has the capability to sync workouts to Health, Google Fit, and MyFitnessPal. There’s even a separate app designed specifically for kids.

The only downside is the ads. It’s annoying for sure, but at the same time, I understand that the founders of the app need to make money somehow. I mean, they are offering all of these services for free, so the least I can do is sit through a 15-second ad.

According to the Sworkit website, 20 million people have already downloaded the app. I highly recommend it myself, and since it’s available at no cost, the user has virtually nothing to lose but pounds.

*Sworkit is available on iOS and Android devices.