Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Reasons to Keep in Touch with Your Parents or Guardians

I’m one of the millions of kids that moved away from home when I grew up. And you know what? As much as my parents can drive me crazy sometimes, being so far away from them makes me realize just how much I love and miss them despite the differences we may have sometimes. I think many people take their parents for granted when they are young—I know I certainly did. And though I’m not exactly getting on in years, I’ve come to appreciate my parents and all the sacrifices they made for me through the years.
Teddy bears hugging to signify love between a parent and child
Have you told your loved ones how much you appreciate them lately?
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I’m not good at keeping in touch with people. It’s one of the things about myself that makes me the most frustrated. I want to be one of those people that keeps track of everyone, that talks to all the people she cares about every single week—but thus far in life, that does not describe me. However, I do make a particularly strong effort to keep in touch with my parents. Here are a few things I’ve learned I need to do on a regular basis:

I let them know that they mean a lot to me. It’s not difficult to let your parents know just how special they are to you. All it takes is a call or even just a simple text. It doesn’t need to be an hour-long call every day, but it should happen. In the same way that we like to be told we’re loved, so do our parents. Don’t assume they already know you love them—even if they do, everyone likes a reminder now and again.

I hate thinking about this next one, but it’s true: they won’t be around forever. None of us will. Your time with the people you care about most will seem like it’s gone in the blink of an eye, so don’t take that time for granted. Always give them that reminder of love.

Most of the people we meet and “know” in life are barely acquaintances. Perhaps you share a social circle or a workplace with them. You’re on friendly terms, but most likely, they don’t have any idea who you really are. If you are lucky enough to have people you love in your life, make it known. Those special individuals deserve your love, especially when they give it to you so unconditionally.

Though I know better, my parents are not bullet proof. Sometimes they go through hard times, just like I do. I think of all the times that their shoulders were offered as a place to cry, and it reminds me that maybe sometimes they feel the same grief as I have felt. Because we are so close with our parents, it can be easier to see them in a different light and be harder on them—assume they’re older, wiser, tougher skinned. And while this may be true at times, that doesn’t mean they don’t need someone to lean on now and again.

Do you keep in touch with your parents, guardians, or others that you love?