Thursday, May 23, 2013

Working (out) For the Weekend

I have a confession to make: I’m a weekend workout wimp. Generally, one of two things will happen over the weekend. One, I get “too busy” to work out, having made lots of plans. Or two, I am so ready for a break by the time the weekend hits that I decide to be as lazy as possible.

I have been better about finding a nice balance between the two lately, but I’m still working on it. It’s like I use up all my productivity during the week and have nothing left by the time Friday hits. Does that ever happen to you? I am not trying to make excuses for skipping out on exercise during the weekends, but rather I’m trying to be honest about what’s really going on. And I’m hoping that by writing about it, I will be able to hold myself more accountable.

So today, in an effort to both motivate myself and others to keep on exercising during the weekend, I’m posting a few quick and (almost) painless workouts. Each one takes just a few minutes to complete and doesn’t require any special equipment. My plan is to try at least one of them out over the weekend, and I’m hoping some of you will, too. Who’s up for a challenge? If you are, then keep on reading!

Workout #1: “No Excuses” (found at Daily Spark)
  1. :60 Chop Squats
  2. :30 Charlie’s Angel Lunges (each side)
  3. :30 Kneeling Crunches
  4. :60 Push-Up Planks
  5. :60 Rise ‘n Raises
  6. :60 Triceps Presses
Workout #2: “Easy Abs” (found at Back On Pointe)
  1. 20 Crunches
  2. :15 Plank
  3. 10 Mountain Climbers
  4. :15 Plank
  5. :10 Side Plank (ugh, I hate these!)
  6. 10 Vertical Leg Crunches
  7. 20 Bicycles (try subbing flutter kicks if these bother your hips)
  8. 30 Scissor Kicks
  9. :15 plank