Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

stressed business woman at work
Work can be stressful. Utilize some of these stress-reducing strategies to get things back under control.
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Work can be stressful, no matter what you do or what industry you’re in. There are deadlines, expectations, and a lot of things to get done. We all are pushing ourselves more and more each day, doing things like responding to the never ending emails, helping clients and customers, and always having the right answer. When confronted with all of these daily tasks, how does one remain stress-free? Here are some stress-busting solutions:

First off, stop killing yourself over made up deadlines. If you are the deadline maker, give people some breathing room so when those really urgent tasks come (or things don’t go as planned), you are able to get things done without having to pull an all-nighter. Set realistic deadlines for others and yourself, and make sure those deadlines are clearly stated so everyone is on the same page. Remember that the world won’t end if you don’t get that final email off at 2 a.m.—and likely no one will respond until morning anyway.  

list of tips for reducing stress at work
Use these handy tips to reduce stress at work!
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Second, learn to prioritize. As you go through your day, there may be many different people coming at you with different needs. If you create checklists and to-do lists comprised of these items in order of high to low priority, it can make everything seem much more manageable. This way, you aren’t missing anything and know when you need to have everything out the door. Prioritization doesn’t have to be difficult, but you do have to make time for it. On Monday morning, take time to plan out your week—roughly—so that you know what to expect. You can (and should) review that list each morning and reorganize things if needed. The important thing is that it exists and you pay attention to it!

Third, remember to breathe. Work should not always be thecenter of your life. You do it to make a living and to continue growing and learning each day, but it doesn’t have to be everything. Work out, read a book, have a hobby. Don’t let work consume you because that can lead to losing your sense of self. Also remember that often times, you’re not the only one who is stressed out – far from it. Take stock of the expectations you have set for yourself and others, and know that you can only accomplish so much in a day.